Geocaching 366: Still doing it

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Cache-A-Day

My apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been so busy with work and other extra curricular activities that I’ve barely had time for much of anything. Work is getting very busy as I take on some additional responsibility. I have started Wilderness Search & Rescue Academy ( so that has taken up my Wednesday nights and a few other nights as I was working on some web classes. But, as busy as I’ve been, I’ve managed to keep up with caching every day so far this year… 56 days in a row!

With some of the added responsibility I’ve taken on at work, it has afforded me a trip to Dallas, TX next week. I’m looking forward to learning some new stuff while I’m there, hopefully visiting with family and adding a new state to my geocaching map! I’m starting to figure out what caches I’ll have around me and look forward to grabbing as many as I can.

My Flickr page is updated with all my latest caching photos so feel free to check them out. I promise to get back to blogging as often as I can. Thanks for following.


Geocaching 366: Day 38 & 39

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Somewhere along the line I missed a blog post and photos and I confused myself. I haven’t missed a day yet, however, so the streak still lives on.

Yesterday, I ran to B’ville after work to grab a few caches. I picked up another Bell cache, but it was a different container than I was used to finding. It keeps me on my toes. Then I grabbed a couple caches on a road across the street from the Budweiser plant. Check out my Flickr album for the latest updates.

Today was a milestone as there is finally a Munzee in Syracuse. I spent my lunch hour picking up Syracuse’s First Munzee and SuperViewofSyracuseaexpialidocious. It was at the top of the Woodland Reservoir and provided a beautiful view of Syracuse. Check out the same Flickr album for the pictures I took while I was there.

I’ve got to head out now as I start Wilderness Search & Rescue Academy tonight. One more thing to pack my already busy schedule with! Thanks for following!!

Geocaching 366: Day 36

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Cache-A-Day, Geocaching

I had a doctor’s appointment on the other side of town and it was such a beautiful day that I decided to get a multicache out of the way that I’ve saving. It is called “Gettin’ Weggy With It” which is located on a community trail near a Wegmans. It was a 3-stage multicache of which the first two were points toward the final. It took me a while to find the first stage as I was looking for something that wasn’t there until I realized what I needed to look for. (Does that make sense?) Once I found Stage 1, Stage 2 was easy and the final wasn’t hard to find. It was a really nice day for a walk (52* on February 6?! Normally we’re buried under a few feet of snow) and this was my first time on the trail. I will definitely be back here to check out some of the raised trails through the swampy sections.

While I was on the hunt, I knew there was another cache off this trail, so I figured I’d grab it while I was here. It was a Golden Ammo Can (GAC) in honor of a local cacher, TheQueensReply. “Crowning Glory-a Golden Ammo for TheQueensReply” was a quick and easy find and I didn’t mind taking the brief detour from my multicache hunt. FYI, a GAC is a cache that was hidden to commemorate a cacher’s 1,000th find milestone. It literally is an ammo can that has been painted gold.

After I got home and was logging my finds on my computer, I looked down at my shirt sleeve to find I brought an uninvited guest home with me… A TICK! Ugh! I quickly took him out onto the front porch and turned him into charcoal. Normally we wouldn’t have to worry about ticks around here in February but with the mild winter we’ve had, I guess they’re still around.

Well, thanks very much for following the blog. Tell your friends and share with your fellow cache mates.

It’s been a busy few days. On Friday, Day 33, I had a couple doctor’s appointment on the other side of town. Since my first appointment took a lot longer than I had anticipated, I grabbed a bite to eat with a friend then grabbed a quick geocache. DeWitt Drive-In was near a shopping center that used to be the site of a local drive-in.

Saturday and Sunday I spent in Jamesville near the rock quarry. I had a lot of fun in the area and even climbed into a small cave to retrieve a cache. I finished the weekend with 10 finds and 1 DNF. Check out my Flickr set from Jamesville.

Thanks for following!!

Geocaching 366: Day 32

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I made a couple finds today after work. The first cache was a bell cache, Camillus Volunteer Bell. This was at the Camillus Volunteer Fire Department in a memorial garden in need of some landscaping. One of the smaller bells that I’ve found so far this year and probably the highest pitched, but a cool bell anyway.

The second cache was just up the hill, called Little Lost Farm. This was at the end of a closed road, within view of the Fire Department. At the end of the closed road were a couple guardrail barriers, so I assumed I was going to find something magnetic. To my surprise, the cache wasn’t where I thought it would’ve been and wasn’t the container I expecting to find. Good times caching today!

Also, while I have your attention, check out this cool video from The Podcacher Podcast. It’s a short video about creating a really cool small caching container. Also, thanks for following my blog… tell your friends!!

The first month of Geocaching 366, By the Numbers:

  • 51 total finds
  • 1First to Find (FTF)
  • 10 Bell finds
  • 3 Multicaches
  • 1 Mystery
  • 1 event
  • Average 1.69 Difficulty/1.54 Terrain

Not bad for the first month of the cache-a-day challenge. It’s been a pretty mild winter so I that’s been a positive. I’ve had a lot of fun and am not yet suffering from cache burnout. But we’ll see what happens this month as my schedule starts getting a little busier.

To finish out the month, I went after the Nottingham Bell after work today. This was a pretty nice bell but I couldn’t tell the date on it. It was also at a pretty busy intersection near SU campus so I had to be pretty sneaky about making the grab. But, it was no problem making the find and grabbing my picture.

So, thanks for following along for the first month of this adventure! Only 11 more months to go!!

Geocaching 366: Day 29 & 30

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Cache-A-Day, Geocaching

I went on another walking tour of downtown Syracuse yesterday and complete Archimedes Russell III. It was a lot of fun and I happened to find another geocache while I was working toward the final; High Five. You can see the pictures I took of the architecture I visited in the same Flickr album, Archimedes Russell and the picture of me next to High Five. It was a lot of fun learning about the architecture of downtown Syracuse and I look forward to completing the last Archimedes Russell caches up on Syracuse University campus.

Today was a quick cache and dash after work. It was at Stella’s Diner, the cache called “STELLA!” Although a quick grab, I enjoyed coming down here this afternoon. This place is usually jam packed with people early mornings. It was very quiet tonight; I had the parking lot to myself.

I’m not sure about tomorrow’s cache, but I think I’ll head for another Bell cache up near SU campus. We’ve received a little bit of snow again, so other caches might be unattainable again for a short period. Thanks for following along! I’m almost done with the first month of caching!!